A Go-To Hair Look for Summer (Hey, Accessories!)

A Go-To Hair Look for Summer (Hey, Accessories!)

Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters rock out with the latest hair trends! From bandanas to headbands, they are a girls best friend.

Bandanas are so great because there are so many ways that you can wear them! One of our sisters wears it straight across the forehead while the other uses it as headband with a side bow! This great piece of accessory is accommodating to all keeping hair out of your face and in place.

Headbands are another fun way to make an outfit that much more chic and trendy. They range from any type of look; leather, braided, and flower but are all mostly worn around the forehead!

Both are great accessories for the upcoming summer season! All the girls on the beach will be dying to get one. Set the trend for this upcoming summer season!

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