50 Thoughts You've Had Over Summer Break (so far)

The end of a school year can be a real emotional roller coaster for college students. We say goodbye to graduating seniors, bigs, littles, hot frat guys and horrible café food, yet we still remain confused. Are we happy that we are free from homework (for now) or are we upset that we are leaving our friends for what seems like an eternity? Are we happy to be back to Moms home cooked meals or are we upset that we can no longer order Domino’s to the apartment at 3 a.m.? Here are some thoughts I’ve had:

  1. Wow, I did it
  2. It’s really over
  3. And I didn’t go mentally insane (or kill anyone)
  4. I’m proud of myself
  5. Time to celebrate
  6. But first, I’m going to sleep for the next three days
  7. Oh how I love my bed
  8. My not twin XL rock solid bed
  9. It’s like I’m on a cloud
  10. And I have my own room
  11. This is what heaven must feel like
  12. ****snapchats dog
  13. Captions snapchat, “Reunited and it feels so good”
  14. Finally get to see my home friends
  15. But I miss my big / little
  16. How am I going to make time for both
  17. …Oh then there is my family
  18. Day 3: my parents are threatening to cut me off unless I get a job
  19. What do you mean do the dishes
  20. Clean my room?!
  21. Watch my brother??
  22. Ask me again how my grades are
  23. No grandma, I don’t know what I’m doing after I graduate…
  24. I no longer miss my family and want to go back to school
  25. Maybe if I hide in my room everyone will forget I’m here
  27. Scandal, House, Greys Anatomy, Orange is the New Black, New Girl, Friends, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, That 70’s Show, Scrubs, Criminal Minds, 90210, Blue Mountain State
  28. Now that I binged watched every show on Netflix…
  29. BEACH
  30. I missed laying on the sand feeling the sun beat down on me
  31. Wow I could lose some weight
  32. I’m going to start working out
  33. …on Monday
  34. I should eat everything while I can then
  35. To bad there is no food in the house
  36. And I’m completely broke
  37. That job isn’t sounding to bad right about now
  38. And it will get me out of the house
  39. I will start applying tomorrow
  40. I’m bored
  41. I wonder who is on Tinder around here
  42. Left swipe, left swipe, left swipe, left swipe, left swipe
  43. Now I know why I left
  44. Oh grades are finally up
  45. 2.8 GPA
  46. Oh well
  47. It’s summer I will worry about it later
  48. I’m still bored
  49. Guess I will go back to sleep
  50. Is it September 1st yet?

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