8 Hot Reads for the Summer

Summer to me isn’t just laying on the beach in a brand new bikini or flipping burgers at barbecues. Summer to me is the sound of flips flops echoing through the stacks of the library. As an English major, its no surprise I love reading so having three months to read whatever I want is heaven. So here’s some of my all time favorite from the past two summers:

1. The Rosie Project by Graeme C. Simsion

This one is about scientist Don Tillman and his quest to find a wife just as logically as all his experiments. When the experiment throws him for a loop he finds Rosie, a spunky woman who could careless for experiments or routines. The story of their love is smart, adorable, and geek-chic. P.S This book is becoming a movie starring none other than Jenifer Lawrence!

2. Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

Another atypical love story about a woman named Louisa who finds herself taking a job out of college that completely changes her life in more ways than one. The job leads her to Will, a paraplegic with dark secrets. This book is long but impossible to put down and I loved it.

3. My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Wanga

If you like The Fault in Our Stars, or other novels about conflicted teens, you’ll love this one. Wanga’s debut novel is about Aysel and Roman, two people who never would have met without the fact that they both want to die. Going along with these kids as they find a reason to live is heart-wrenching, sweet, and overall a great read.

4. Grey: Fifty Shades as told by Christian by E.L James

Did you ever wonder what Christian was thinking the entire time during fifty shades? Same. E.L James heard our prayers and wrote it down for us, thank god. Not exactly amazing literature, but if you liked the other fifty shades novels, this is a must read.

5. Tempting Fate by Jane Green

Okay, my mom reads Jane Green and I doubted her style based on her older audience but this book is one of her latest so it has a clear modern feel to it. The book is about a woman named Gabby and her spicy affair with (much) younger man, Matt. It was an exciting read that kept me on the edge of my chair the entire time.

6. Paper Towns by John Green

The movie comes out July 24th and I promise you if you start today, you’ll finish it before then. If you haven’t seen the trailers, this story is about Quentin who is in love with his neighbor Margo. When Margo goes missing after an amazing night together, Quentin sets out to find her based on clues she’s left behind. This book is another teen-angst based novel but John Green’s style is so mature and inspiring. It’s the type of writing where you want to quote tweet every line.

7. The Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

My freshman year of high school, my English teacher read us a quote from Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin and I fell in love. I have read every one of her novels and this one was killer. The story takes you through the lives of Tessa and Valerie, two women who are brought together by tragedy to remind readers matters most in life.

8. When in Doubt, Add Butter by Beth Harbison

In this one you’ll meet Gemma, an older woman who belives love is never going to come her way. Gemma is a personal chef for tons of people including a family of menaces and a man she’s never actually met or ‘Mr. Tuesday’. She cooks because its predictable, so when the unpredictable happens Gemma has to adjust in ways she never thought possible. This one was hilarious and one hundred percent worth the read.

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