I Came to College to Find My Bridesmaids, Not My Husband

As recruitment is quickly approaching, I reflected on the bonds of sisterhood. You’ve read it time and time again.. Go Greek it will be the best decision of your life blah blah blah. Though I am going to sound like a broken record, it is.

Alpha Sigma Alpha brought so many women into my life that will always hold a close place to my heart. College is tough and it is even more challenging because you are trying to figure out who they are, what you wanna do, etc. So many times it feels like you’re drowning but moment you come up for fresh air, that feeling for relief- thats what sisterhood has brought me. The feeling of comfort after a hard day, the laughter that makes it so hard to breath, and the motivation to take those first few steps out of bed in the morning.

So whether you find your niche in the Biology Club, Sports team, or Greek life its important to find it and not give up until you do.

I did and I’m so thankful that for it because I know that on my wedding day when I look across the room I will see my sisters in the crowd cheering me. Why? Because I came to college to find my bridesmaids and boy have I found them.

I Came to College to Find My Bridesmaids, Not My Husband

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