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A New Year, But The Same You

New Year’s is a time that allows one to reflect, remise on old time, and spend time with those who mean the most. However, for some reason New Year’s Eve comes with the stress of making the perfect plans. And of course the most important part the kiss when the clock strikes midnight. Though a new year allows time for one to create new memories and goals it doesn’t mean #newyearnewme

As time goes on we are all a work in progress, aspiring to be the “perfect” version of ourself. But does perfect ever really exist? If something is perfect isn’t always evolving to keep up with societies ideas and expectation?

All of the little things that make you, you are important. So leaving them in 2015 may not be the best thing to do. Setting goals that are attainable and allow you to grow are more beneficial.

So in 2016 I’m expecting another year of being late, choosing tea over coffee, eating too much candy, and losing my phone almost as much as I lose my car keys. It’s not to say that I don’t have goals for the year, which of course, I do. However, little things that make me, me I’m gonna decide to keep.

So this New Year keep the things make you, you and add the things that can make you a better you. That spinning class you’ve been wanting to try, or starting a journal, or buying those shoes you’ve been eyeing all year, or asking that cute boy out. There is no better time then now, which is easier said than done but it’s true! Let’s take this time as we ring in the New Year with our friends to remember a new year brings the same you and that is okay.

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