Why a Snapchat Cleanse was the Best Decision I Made all Year

Humans are naturally creatures of habit. We pick up things and sometimes, we find them hard to put down. Like when we came home for the first time as a newborn wrapped in a blanket. The blanket that soon became ‘blankie,’ our best friend throughout our childhood and something that most of us still keep under our pillow in our dorms (don’t deny it). Here in 2015, alongside our blankies we all have something else by our side at all times and under our pillows at night…our phones.

For myself, my attachment to my phone coincided with my addiction to Snapchat. I found myself watching every key moment of my day through my phone screen but then I thought…who cares? Does anyone actually care to see the 500th snap of me going to the gym at 7am or a shot of what I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Nope. And if they did care, they would either be there with me or ask about it! What I found myself missing was talking to someone about their day and hearing every detail come out of their smiling face. I became sick of cutting people off with the sentence, “Oh yeah, I saw that on your snap story.” And I literally let the fact that someone opened my snap without responding ruin my entire day…that’s pathetic.

So I deleted it, and spent a week resisting the urge to whip out my phone at the sight of anything funny or cute. I even got through the weekend with my friends, without snapping the whole time in hopes that anyone watching would be jealous. I got through it, so I rewarded myself by re-downloading after my one-week cleanse. I scrolled through my feed, tapped through a few stories and thought… who cares?

So try it out, and even if you can’t part with it forever, try to remember that life is going on right in front of you, so live it.

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