Bid Day

Top 3 DIY 2014 Bid Day Trends (with a how-to guide!)

Bid day is like Christmas. You shoot out of bed in the morning thinking “today is the day!” Today is the day you get a fresh set of new sisters. Another group of amazing girls who are there for the same reasons you are; the love of the sorority. Seeing the joy on their faces as they run into the room with mile-wide smiles is enough to humble to heart and warm the soul like a cup of peppermint hot chocolate.

But let’s be honest, one of the most fun parts of the day is the million and one Facebook notifications you’ll come home to of all the great pictures that were taken. And the key to great pictures on bid day? Props.

Trend One: Letters on a stick

Top 3 DIY 2014 Bid Day Trends (with a how-to guide!)

This was one of the easiest things we made for bid day. To create these beauties I bought wood dowels from Joann’s fabrics at $.59 each and six sheets of glitter card stock at .99 each. So for one stick with three letters on it, it was a cost $3.59. I simply cute a letter from each sheet of glitter cardstock and hot-glued the letters to the stick. It maybe took 20 minutes. So I give you an amazingly easy craft, at a low-cost & maintenance… you’re welcome.

Trend Two: Frame

Top 3 DIY 2014 Bid Day Trends (with a how-to guide!)

The frame is a little bit more work and cost for sure. We took $5 worth of wood from Home Depot and cut it to create two 2 foot boards and two 3 foot boards and staple gunned them together. From there we painted it red acrylic paint that is about $3 a bottle at Joann’s. We also hot glued a string of old costume pearls we had lying around onto the border. From there we bought $1 letters from Joann’s that we painted and glitter-fied. We used command strips to put them on so they are interchangeable and the frame is reusable for other events!

So this one was a lot of work but because its reusable, it was worth it!

Trend Three: Personalized mascot props

Top 3 DIY 2014 Bid Day Trends (with a how-to guide!)

This was my favorite thing that we did this semester that we never did before. Being an Alpha Sig, our mascot is DOT the Ladybug. With that, we made a bug per new member with their name on it for them to run to at bid day. This was extremely time-consuming I have to say.

I bought a huge 48 x 12 tube of fadeless red paper from Joann’s for $8, black, gold, and red glitter card stock and pipe cleaners. I also used a sharpie, a ruler, and a hot glue gun that I had at home. I eye-balled the first circle to be the size I wanted, cut it out, and traced the ret from that first one. After cutting all the circles out of the red paper, I hot-glued such to the poster so they bugs wouldn’t be flimsy. From that I glued 8 black dots onto each bug, and gold or red-head with twisted pipe cleaners hot-glued on. The most time-consuming part was all of the cutting and gluing, but the end result was beyond worth it. This is something the new members will keep forever and they made a great prop for pictures!

Top 3 DIY 2014 Bid Day Trends (with a how-to guide!)

Overall, with these easy crafts our bid day was one of our most exciting yet, highly recommended.

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