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I'm Not Perfect, GreekRank. But I AM an Alpha Sigma Tau.

When you choose to join a group of people, you are inevitably going to be judged for the organization you’re a part of. Some Greek organizations are associated with certain stereotypes – stereotypes that others use to generalize the entire organization.

Going through recruitment, I noticed that some organizations were seen as “better” sororities, you know – the ones that mix/hang with all of the “cooler” fraternities. But, really – who is to judge what sororities are “better”? What exactly makes them “better”? The other night, some of my sisters and I were reading rankings on [ for sororities and fraternities on campus. Ranked #2 for sororities on campus, we were praised for our presence in the Greek community, always attending all other philanthropy events and raising the most money for each of those events.

I’m Not Perfect, GreekRank. But I AM an Alpha Sigma Tau.

Our philanthropy event raised over $12,000 for Make-A-Wish, which is impressive for being an organization at a smaller private University. We were raved about for our domination in Carnival, Greek Sing, and Greek Week this past year, and were seen as being the ‘most improved sorority’, as we won the President’s Cup last year. I’m Not Perfect, GreekRank. But I AM an Alpha Sigma Tau.

However – though we received generally good reviews for being involved, many reviews stated that we were “the weird sorority”, and were called the sorority who “takes everyone” (untrue). We were even bashed for being an “unattractive group”. You know what I say? I say that anyone who thinks a good sisterhood is based on looks probably does not understand what sisterhood, or what being in a sorority is about in general. Being in a sorority is not about picking the most beautiful looking girls, it’s about finding a group where the members will love you unconditionally whether you’re “weird” or not. What does “weird” even mean? Are we “weird” because we are ourselves? Everyone has at least one “weird” attribute. Perhaps it is because our group promotes individuality, and makes it’s members comfortable in their own skin.

Personally, I’d rather be a part of a group who loves me for my quirks, like my love of Nancy Drew computer games, or my obsession with old jazz music (and anything old), than be a part of a group where I felt as if I needed to be someone else. Never have I felt like I needed to hide any part of me to be a part of this group. GreekRank may be right that we’re not afraid to show our weirdness, and may come off stranger than others. They may be right that we don’t all look like Barbie dolls. But I love my sisters, and I think they’re beautiful inside and out.

I’m not perfect. I don’t look like a Barbie. I’m weird. And guess what? I am still a PROUD Alpha Sigma Tau.

I’m Not Perfect, GreekRank. But I AM an Alpha Sigma Tau.

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