Going Into Recruitment With a Good Attitude

Recruitment season is upon us! This time of the school year wouldn’t be complete without all the rules, outfits and packed schedules. It’s an overwhelming time, right? We’re all trying to get back into the habit of going to class, doing homework and keeping out sanity. On top of all that, we’re also trying to remember everything we learned during recruitment practice, what outfits to wear on which day and things we can and can’t say during rounds. Just because recruitment time comes with all kinds of stress and obligations doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t leave our good attitudes out of it.

Recruitment isn’t always everyone’s favorite thing in the world. It can feel awkward; your face with hurt from smiling constantly and you may get tired from the repetitiveness of it all. With all of these things about recruitment we are not looking forward to, we need to keep in mind all of the good things that come from it, too.

I think the most obvious good thing is getting new girls. There’s a possibility the girl you greet at the door could turn out to be your new best friend! I’ve met many girls during recruitment rounds who would later become some of my best friends. So, while you’re thinking “I really don’t want to do this. I want to get out of these heels!”, try to take a genuine interest in the people you talk to. It will not only make the time fly, but you may learn something new from them… or even better, make them a part of your house!

Another reason it’s important to bring a good attitude to recruitment is because you’re apart of someone else’s experience. Remember how you felt when it was you visiting all the houses? Nervous, anxious, excited, scared, you wondered what all the girls of each sorority would be like, how they would treat you, and whether they liked you from those few couple of minutes you spent together. Some you liked more than others. You still remember the very best, and the ones who seemed like they didn’t care. Now, you’re on the other side and your attitude now has an effect on someone else’s experience now.

So, while you may not be the most excited for recruitment, try to keep these things in mind. Go in there with a positive attitude and it won’t be so bad!

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