A Sorority Girl's Guide to Graduation Style

Being a recent graduate, I am pretty familiar with what you should wear on your graduation day! Whether you graduate in spring or fall, it is such an amazing day and seems to be over in the blink of an eye.

You know the saying “time flies when you’re having fun”. My suggestion would be to wear a comfortable flowy dress underneath your gown. This way, you don’t have to keep adjusting your outfit underneath. Tight, body-con dresses always seem to get annoying after awhile. I also would suggest flat shoes. For myself, I know that I am clumsy and refused to trip while walking across the stage. I wore a flat sandal with jewels on the top. This way it still looked a little bit dressy yet comfortable.

If you really want to wear a heel, I suggest a wedge since they can be easier to walk in. If you are graduating this fall semester, I would suggest a closed toe flat or wedge! Graduation is considered one of the best days of your life so why not be comfy and cute! As far as nails go, I would do a classic French tip or soft pink. That does not require going to the nail shop and spending money! DIY is awesome! You can’t go wrong!

Also: do not forget to decorate your cap! It is annoying to wear so you might as well make it cute! Keep in mind a hairstyle that will not clash with the cap or make it difficult to keep on.

A Sorority Girl’s Guide to Graduation Style
Graduated with Xi Best
A Sorority Girl’s Guide to Graduation Style
My dress underneath

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