Greek Life

11 Signs You Are An Alpha Xi Delta

  1. “It’s pronounced ZEE, but you spell it X-I.”11 Signs You Are An Alpha Xi Delta
  2. You know who Cora is.
  3. You buy things with feathers, because you can’t find ANYTHING with a quill on it. (It was 1893, give them a break)
  4. You put “xi” into any word that you can.
  5. You own at least one Betsey Johnson item, since you two are sisters ya know?
  6. You’ve made at least one craft using puzzle pieces.
  7. “No it’s ZEE, not Zeta”
  8. You’ve signed an email XOXI (even if it wasn’t to a sister…oops!)
  9. You got a bear on initiation day named BetXi.
  10. You make sure to go to Panera when they have the Autism Speaks Puzzle Cookies
  11. You know what WAGS & TJF mean

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