10 Things I Want To Thank My Big For

We are all thankful for our Bigs for something, even if we aren’t close with them. But do we ever take the time to actually thank them for anything they do for us? I don’t, I just assume she understands my constant stress and hectic/busy lifestyle and knows that I am very appreciative of her. Well here is what I should be saying on a daily basis:

  1. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Through my good decisions and bad decisions you are always there for me and for that, I am eternally grateful. You love me when I’m sad and crying over nothing at all and when I’m annoyingly drunk on happiness.
  2. Thank you for always dressing up with me. Whether it is dressing up for a mixer theme or for a Saturday night out, I know I can always count on you to look bomb and to help me to look half as good as you do.
  3. Thank you for sharing the same love of drinks as me. No one loves wine as much as me besides you. And no one can stomach tequila the way I can, besides you. Our livers were clearly made for each other.
  4. Also a thank you for going out with me even when you’d rather stay in.
  5. Thank you for putting me first. I can always count on being the first call you make when you get good news or bad news, or see/hear something crazy.
  6. Thank you for being so reliable. You have literally saved my life on numerous occasions. I know that when I call you will answer. And when I need help picking the right outfit or date or Instagram filter, you’re always there to help ya girl out.
  7. Thank you for helping me when I am helpless. When I need food but can’t move, you bring it. When I need some Rice-A-Roni before going out, you cook it. When I need cuddles, you are there to cuddle. You are always there.
  8. Thank you for being so understanding. Through every mental breakdown over school, boys, friends, drama, everything you let me freak out when I need to freak out. And you calm me down when I need to chill. You never tell me I’m being dramatic or crazy or out of control.
  9. Thank you for being my biggest inspiration. You are everything I listed above and everything I hope to become. I want to craft like you, love like you, work hard like you, I want to be more like you because you are so perfect. You’re strong, brave, free-spirited, smart, powerful, and of course you’re gorgeous. You are literally everything I could ever hope to be.
  10. Thank you for picking me. I don’t know where I would be without you or what I would do if I didn’t have you in my life. I’d probably be spazzing out in a corner somewhere crying. So good thing we found each other, huh? Thank you for wanting me as much as I wanted you. We had an instant connection and I am so glad that you are my Big.

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