Bid Day

Bid Day Bliss With Chi O at Colorado State

Bid Day is without a doubt my favorite day of the year! All of the hard work that goes into recruitment is finally celebrated by bringing home 56 wonderful new members! The Chi O’s at Colorado State love to have a new theme every year. This year was “Something Beautiful is on the Horizon.” Below is a picture of the gorgeous banner that was outside our home for Bid Day! Bid Day Bliss With Chi O at Colorado StateGoing with the theme, we all received purple shirts with a compass that spelled out C-H-I-O and then we made the outfits our own! From flower crowns (which by the way…are so easy to DIY!), embellished headbands, sweaters, chambray, boots, sandals and more… The Chi O’s really went all out in making the outfits our own. Bid Day Bliss With Chi O at Colorado StateThe shirts were so easy to diversify. Some girls tied them up with high waist jeans which looked so cute! There was a huge rush of people trying to get a picture with our bid day banner before we hit the fields to pick up our new baby hooties! Below is a picture of my little and I celebrating our one year anniversary from her bid day last year! Bid Day Bliss With Chi O at Colorado StateWhen we got back to the house with our new members, our big brick house was filled with joy and excitement! We had another sign inside to take pictures with lips and mustaches and thick rimmed glasses galore! Overall, our bid day theme was a huge success and it was so simple for girls to bring in the latest trends for their bid day outfits! Bid Day Bliss With Chi O at Colorado State

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