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A Few Fun Ways to Show Off Your Letters

Letters are a a fun and easy way to spice up some normal everyday accessories

A Few Fun Ways to Show Off Your Letters
Letter Love!

If you are like me, whenever you want to wear letters a T-shirt is the first thing to reach for. Well after awhile my shirts may get old, but I am constantly looking for new ideas for our letters. I went around with the help of my sisters in Chi Omega and found some great ways to always show off some Chi O spirit.

A Few Fun Ways to Show Off Your Letters
Cute boots from sweat soul boots

Avoiding the typical T-shirt and jeans routine, I have found that some girls will wear bows in their hair or wrap a Lilly Pulitzer scarf around their neck. There is even a website that is now selling Ugg-like boots with your letters on the back. Other girls hold their letters close with a water bottle, phone case, or cute keychain!! Even accessories such as pieces of art in your room or a blanket to snuggle up are great way to keep your letters close to you. Although my favorite is the Mason Jar, I also love having XΩ bookends sitting on my desk with me. Whatever your fancy, letters aren’t just something we should see on T-shirts and pattles, there are so many options to find something creative and unique to you!

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