Saying YES and NO to Sneaker Wedges

As you start your back-to-school shopping, you will notice one trend that you may be hesitant to try. The sneaker wedge is in full force this fall and I am going to be bold and say it is a trend that you should say YES and NO to. Let me explain.

Saying YES and NO to Sneaker Wedges
Can it be?!
  • Say YES to a neutral color like black, tan or gray
  • Say NO to a harsh multi-color or metallic
  • Say YES to buying them for less than $40
  • Say NO to buying them for anything more than that
  • Say YES to wearing them with skinny jeans
  • Say NO to wearing them with body-con dresses

If you are the fashionista that I think you are, than say YES to this hot trend. However, with a trend like this, that not all people are willing to adopt, you have to be a smart shopper. Buy this trend in something you can wear multiple times so you get your monies worth. You can do this by purchasing a pair in a neutral color. Also, do not spend a ridiculous amount of money on something that may not be around for many more seasons. Test the waters by purchasing the product at a lower price. Hey, if they stick around, you can go crazy and buy the $150 multi-color ones next fall.

Before you style this trend, you have to understand where it came from. The fashion industry is OBSESSED with the idea of making sportswear luxurious. It is a trend that has been on the rise since the Olypmics in London last summer and is starting to peak. With that, remember that just because it has a wedge doesn’t mean you can wear a pair with your sexiest body-con clubbing dress, it is still a sneaker. Try it with skinny jeans and a kimono, a super trendy way to rock these shoes around campus. You can also wear them with a mini skirt. It’s a comfy-casual way to show off your great legs that you worked so hard to tan this summer.

Stylistas, I’m asking you to not be afraid of this sizzling new trend for fall but I’m also asking you to be smart about your buying behaviors until we can see how long these sneaker wedges will last!

Saying YES and NO to Sneaker Wedges
A great transition look from Summer to Fall
Saying YES and NO to Sneaker Wedges
What a cute fall look!

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