How To Dress For An Afternoon Summer Concert

How To Dress For An Afternoon Summer Concert
A summer and concert-ready chapter!

A few weeks back, a few of my sisters and I went to see the Aaron Carter concert (thus the “I want Candy lyrics”). Although the concert was more for old memories of rocking out to the younger Aaron Carter when we were all preteens, the question was asked… what do you wear to an Aaron Carter concert… in a small hometown theatre… in the middle of the afternoon?

Because of the nice weather and beautiful sunshine… we all went with a sort of summer beach look. Which worked for a number of reasons: One. It was so nice outside (even though the concert was inside…) Two. It is hot at concerts (especially sweaty Aaron-crazed middle aged women)! and Three. Concerts are a good opportunity to experiment with outfits that you might not have been brave enough to try out on a regular day. It is like dressing up, but not at all.

How To Dress For An Afternoon Summer Concert
Us @ the concert

Our group of girls had a bunch of different looks. A lot of us wore skirts or dresses, but I settled on white shorts and a shirt that I had never had the right occasion to wear. Who knew that I would wear it for the first time at a concert of a guy that I listened to when I was 12.

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