The Summer of Bro Tanks

The many ways to rock a bro tank this summer

The Summer of Bro Tanks
Every look, for every personality!

If you are a part of a Greek organization, which I’m pretty sure you are or want to be if you are reading this, you know that the most crucial part of a Greek’s wardrobe is the ever so popular bro tank. Here at CSU, we love a girl in a bro tank & norts… the most comfy/casual/cute outfit for a final exam. Seeing as we just ordered three new, quite fashionable tank tops,the Chi O’s at CSU wanted to enrich the creativity and see what else we could do with a bro tank. I give you…The Summer of Bro Tanks!

We do still love the bro tank/nort look but here are a few other ideas on what to pair a bro tank with this summer if you aren’t excerising…

1. Skirt. This look is so easy! Melanie shows it off looking so cute with a high waisted flowy skirt with the bro tank all tied up. I rocked a high waist straight skirt that looked really trendy with the bro tank hanging over it. These looks could be so cute to go to a town carnival or festival this summer!

2. Color/Print Pant. This may be for the more daring stylista... Tess looks so hip with a cute polka dot pant and our new American theme tank tops. What an amaze look for July 4th!

3. High Waist Short. As seen on this blog, it is clear that the high waist short is an essential in any sorority girls wardrobe this season. One of our tanks looks just adorable tucked into a high waist short for the summer... Such an easy go-to outfit for a day at the Farmers Market!

These looks are also fun to accessorize! The oversized straw fedora is so cute for summer or the neon srat hat that most of us all have is cute for a more casual look.

I am here to ask you to not stop at the norts and bro tank look this summer. You can still flaunt your sorority in a trendy way, a little more dressed up and a little bit more fashionable!

The Summer of Bro Tanks
So excited to flaunt our Summer 2013 Tank Top Collection!
The Summer of Bro Tanks
We love a good sunset photoshoot in our beautiful backyard!

Happy Finals Season Stylistas but most of all, Happy Tank Top Season!

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