Chi Omega Goes To The Ball

Trends for you to look glamorous at formal!

Chi Omega Goes To The Ball
The sparkles on the top add drama to the dress and the peacock print makes it fun!

This past week, Chi Omega at Kent State attended their first annual White Carnation Ball. I just so happened to plan this formal so I was especially excited to go! Since the chapter chose royal as a theme, the chapter got dressed to the nines and danced the night away. There were a lot of stylistas attending the formal but a few trends stood out. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect royal dress for your formal:

  1. Go bright or go home! Bright dresses are unique and brings all the attention to you to make you the “belle of the ball”. Choose fun colors like bright green or pink to add a pop of color to the room. In the picture, you can see a bright pink dress on the right. This stylista accented it with a black skinny belt to make it more formal and regal.
  2. Smile, sparkle, shine. What could be more royal than being covered in diamonds (well, not real ones)? To look extra glamorous, choose a sparkly dress. Any color (gold, silver, or even colored) will make a statement. You barely even have to wear accessories with sparkly dresses because they make a statement on their own.

With these tips you are sure to choose a perfect dress!

Chi Omega Goes To The Ball
The dress on the bold is bright and bold while the dress on the left is dramatic and dazzling.

(Photo credits: Adeline Bedell)

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