Defy the Dull Lip Look!

Autumn is full of beautiful colors, so why shouldn’t your lips be too? This fall, the perfect way to get that pop of color is with a daring colored lip gloss, lipstick, or lip stain. Not only is red a classic for all sorority girls, but you can find many different shades of red this reason for that head-turning pucker!

Defy the Dull Lip Look!

Different shades of pinks and purples are also huge this season, ranging from hot pink to fuchsia, and pastel pale pink. These colors really add a spark to your look and can complete any outfit! Some of my favorite shades are from Stila at Sephora. The lip gloss lasts through the day and has the perfect shades for day-to-night. You can also find lip stain at Ulta for up to $22.

With so many events on all of our calendars for this fall from big little reveal, date parties, and socials you’re guaranteed to stand out and add flare to your look with a bold lip!

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