Be Fabulous With Red This Fall

It’s almost that time ladies, where the leaves begin to turn shades and colors, and so should your lipstick. Dump the bright pinks and shades of summer and start looking for your favorite shade of Red. I know the girls in Chi Omega love flaunting their ravishing reds during fall recruitment, nights out or simple occasions. Red lips leave everyone talking, so why not be the girl everyone talked about last night by making a fashion statement that you won’t regret.

Be Fabulous With Red This Fall
Red lips!

When shopping for your color, there is no need to go to Chanel. Lipsticks get lost, melt and “borrowed” by sisters, but this doesn’t mean you should cheat yourself of a great label. Walgreens, CVS, and Ulta carry “credit card friendly” brands from L’Oreal to Wet n Wild.

Be Fabulous With Red This Fall
Red isn’t just for the winter holidays – it’s perfect for fall, too.

To find your perfect shade, head to your favorite store and swipe red stripes on your inner lower arm to determine the color that best goes with your skin tone. Keep an eye on undertones/undercolors.

Be Fabulous With Red This Fall
Me, rocking my red!

If you decide you’re willing to spend the extra money on a stunning red, I recommend searching through brands such as [NARS Urban Decay TwoFaced Stilla Smashbox . Don’t be afraid to ask for help when trying to find your stunning RED, it is better to be right then regret it the moment you get home.

Be BOLD and make a STRONG statement this fall with lush red lips!

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