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Clean House: Making The Right Statement on Social Media

It is almost everyone’s favorite time of year again: recruitment_._ Before the excitement takes over your house, make sure that you begin fall semester with a clean house.

Clean House: Making The Right Statement on Social Media

There is no need to go out to the store and purchase a mop and broom, just a simple night on your computer. What could I possibly be talking about: Social Media. Everyone either has a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Vine to keep up in society, but can you honestly say yours is up to your sorority’s standards? Yes, summer is when you are supposed to enjoy not having classes but You Always Wear Your Letters no matter the season, month, week, or day.

You represent the your house, sisters, alumni, and letters everywhere you go. In every situation, you should keep in mind who will see the pictures and status’ you post, what you tweet, or videotape. The range extends from future employers to future sisters. You never want girls to join your house for the wrong reasons, so why send the wrong message? As much as we social media stalk future sisters, there is also the chance that they are doing the same to us. Make sure that your house is clean on all social media sites by reminders at chapter meetings, because not only is it important for recruitment, but also for year round.

Clean House: Making The Right Statement on Social Media

So plan a night with your roommate, pledge class, or whole house to clean up your social media sites. Order a pizza together or have each person bring their laptop and a bag of candy to share with one another while editing your pages. You should keep in mind that your posts should be acceptable for your Grandma to see: you should always represent your house with class and grace.

  • Delete pictures or videos not up to standards
  • Redesign your Facebook page with a GO GREEK message
  • Ask your Social Chair what is and is not acceptable
  • Think before you Tweet (or share any post for the matter)
  • Make better decisions when it comes to your social media
  • Don’t post actions you’re not supposed to be doing, better yet just Don’t do them
  • Stay honest to your house rules and sorority expectations

So, the next time you’re about to post a picture, status or video, think about the message you want to send out on the world wide web, because one can set a reputation for a whole house, so why not set the right one.

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