It's Satchel Season: Spice Up Your Look

It’s time to pull out the sweaters, scarves and this season SATCHELS, ladies. Make a statement this fall by throwing a cute bag over your shoulder. Keep it simple with a neutral color or spice it up with vibrant and bright to make your outfit pop! And remember, size does not matter, BIG or small satchels look great with any outfit. If it is a night out with the girls, a date with a new guy or a trip to the cider mill or football game, rock the side swiped fashion trend. Be your own stylista and make your outfit work for you.

It’s Satchel Season: Spice Up Your Look“It’s where I keep all my things. Get a lot of compliments on this. Plus it’s not a purse, it’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.” - Allan, The Hangover.

It’s Satchel Season: Spice Up Your Look

This fall, opt for pieces using these colors: Dazzling Blue, Radiant Orchid, Violet Tulip, Celosia Orange, Freesia, Cayenne, Placid Blue, Paloma, or Sand Hemlock.

It’s Satchel Season: Spice Up Your Look
Go for a classic look by sporting: leggings, riding boots, a vest and sweater.

The following carry great, fashionable satchels for every occasion:

  • [Tory Burch
  • [Target
  • [Marshalls
  • [Steve Madden
  • [Coach
  • [Macy’s
  • [Neiman Marcus
  • [Nordstrom
  • [Michael Kors

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