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Share Your Closet Style

We all know the best thing about being in a sorority besides making lifelong friendships is the never ending supply of clothes. If you are living in or out of the house, you know you can always count on finding an outfit in one of your sister’s closets.

Share Your Closet StyleShare Your Closet StyleShare Your Closet Style

Be sure if you are borrowing from a sister that you always ask before you remove a piece from a closet and return the clothing clean and in perfect condition, that way you can borrow it again. There is never anything wrong with having access to great clothing!

The benefits of opening up your closets to your sisters are:

  • Never repeating an outfit
  • Having a variety to choose from
  • Saving money (from not buying new clothing)
  • Changing up your style by wearing someone else’s

So share your closet, don’t be stingy. Have your sister be your new stylist!

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