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TSM: It's Time To Redefine

We all know the popular website, Total Sorority Move, which is full of upbeat articles and pictures of sorority life and gossip. Although the website can be entertaining, by engaging, women are giving into - and feeding - the stereotypical “sorority girl” image that many around the nation think they know. However, the picture that TSM purports to paint of sorority women is far from accurate. Here are a few real sorority moves, determined in part by the National Panhellenic Conference:

1. Graduation Rates. Nationally, graduation rates are higher for students who are a part of Greek life (compared to those who are not a part of Greek life).

TSM: It’s Time To Redefine

2. Community Service and Philanthropy. Chi Omega has raised over 9.5 Million Dollars (yes, $9,500,000) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and has contributed over half a million volunteer hours.

TSM: It’s Time To RedefineTSM: It’s Time To Redefine

3. Post-college Opportunities. Did you know more than 50% of the nations large corporations are headed by fraternity members? Think of the Greek life-related banter that would ensue following that job interview!

TSM: It’s Time To Redefine

4. Leadership. Over 85% of the student leaders on some 730 campuses are involved in the fraternity/sorority community.

TSM: It’s Time To RedefineTSM: It’s Time To Redefine

5. Life Long Friendships. It is not only for 4 years, it is for life. The memories you make with your sisters will carry on with you for life. Your future bridesmaids, Godmothers of your children, and life long best friends will always be there for you.

TSM: It’s Time To RedefineTSM: It’s Time To RedefineTSM: It’s Time To RedefineTSM: It’s Time To Redefine

The list is endless.

We may be thought of as the girls who “sport their leggings and rain boots on campus” or remembered solely for wearing our Lilly dresses, but we are all so much more than that. As Stylistas, students, sisters, friends, and women we are meant to have a voice. So why not redefine Total Sorority Move: highlight the amazing things sorority women do, the things sorority women are capable of, and the things sorority women accomplish - as compared to the negative things.

Next time you hashtag #TSM, think of making a statement that benefits the standard and morals of your chapter, a statement that can make a difference in the public’s understanding of who the true sorority woman really is.

Because after all, we are so much more than a hashtag.

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