We Are a Sorority, Not a Cult

2015 has been the year for controversy over Sorority Recruitment videos, and social media is the cause of it. Everyone seems to be out for blood when it comes to a group of beautiful women, coming together to share a special bond we like to call, Sisterhood. But the negative comments have lead to video being produced that compares sorority affiliation to being a member of a cult. I don’t know about you, but I am offended.

I believe that everyone is welcome to their own opinion, but I do not condone negative comments made against amazing young women. The video was a “How To…” when it came to cult member recruitment, with blurbs of sorority recruitment videos.

Sure, we have our own values, teachings, and standards in our sororities. In no way, have we lost our sense of individualism and become brainwashed bimbos, who only want their MRS and to party when we join our sorority. A sorority is a place where women with similar interests and personal experiences, come together to grow, share and learn. We build self-esteem and confidence, while focusing on the community and our grades. I can confidently say, not one person in my house is alike. We all have different interests, political views, religious beliefs and values. But we come together as one by finding our similarities and supporting one another to be the best possible person we can be. We value being different, as well as making a difference. We all have friends in other houses and outside of Greek Life, and value our relationship with our families. We are a community of strong, independent women, striving to change the world.

A cult is defined as “a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object,” while a sorority is defined as “a society for female students in a university or college, typically for social purposes.”

They don’t sound similar to me.

So, maybe we do post recruitment videos with our hair and makeup done, chanting and dancing freely. But who doesn’t love dressing up, or yelling and being loud? What about dancing with your best friends?

I can truly say I enjoy all three of those things and I grew up as a tom boy, on a farm who played in the mud and dirt all day long. But here I am today, a sorority girl who is tired of the negativity. I blame the media for this negative view of sorority members. Portraying us as being stuck up, rich, snobby children who only party and haze. Well, I am here to inform you, that is not what sorority members are about.

If we did our recruitment videos differently, what would you truly see?

A group of girls in sweats and no make-up, surrounding the television watching a football game or Scandal. Maybe some women offering their time at the local homeless shelter or holding a charity event on campus. There could also be some girls studying together at the library on a Friday night for the big exam they have on Monday. You would see a community of women coming together to support one another through difficult times, working to pay for college, creating memories and forming life-long friendships. Maybe you would see a future doctor, or engineer. There would also be the late night vent sessions, box hair dye fix-ups, and food runs. You would see young women coming together to support the condoning of hazing, sexual assault and abuse. You would still see dancing and girls yelling at the top of their lungs. You would see individuals, coming together to form a sisterhood. That is what a sorority truly is. It may not be something out of the ordinary when girls become friends, but a sorority is something special. A home away from home, a sister, a place to be you and thrive.

So let’s stop the name calling and bashing. When a negative comment simply arises, turn your head and take the high road. There is nothing wrong with being the bigger person and proving someone wrong. Snaps to you!

If you have any positive comments to share about your sorority experience please comment below!

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