Tips for Standing Out in Sorority Recruitment

Recruitment is right around the corner! Sororities across the nation are preparing to share their values, philanthropy , and chapters unique personalities. Joining a sorority is certainly one of the most exciting experiences in your college career. So, with all these sorority women preparing ya’ll may be wondering what you can do as well. If your anything like me you are already searching the internet for tips and tricks, what to wear, and “what the heck is a philanthropy!?” Although, this shouldn’t be a stressful time for you and there’s not much you can do to prepare there are a few tips that may be helpful when going through that may ease those rush jitters.

Tips for Standing Out in Sorority Recruitment

1. Be You!

I know, I know, you have heard this same tip one too many times. No, really, be who you are! This is really important for more than one reason. You are trying to find your home, and the Sorority is trying to find girls who will be apart of their home. You may be the absolute best fit, but if you don’t let your quirky side shine through that wont be apparent. Don’t feel as if you have to act a certain way to impress these ladies. A part of joining a sorority is finding sisters who accept you as you are. So, if you love to jam to Spice Girls and eat cake for breakfast don’t be shy. If you laugh when you get nervous, laugh. This could spark the best conversation you have had all night. Odds are you will make a new friend and leave a fabulous impression because a genuine girl is what everyone is looking for.

2. Be Confident Not Cocky

Confidence is one of the most beautiful things a woman can espouse. Hold your head high, walk in like you have met these ladies a thousand times, and light up the room. Now, there is a difference in confidence and cockiness. Cockiness is ugly, and in the wise words of my grandmother girls shouldn’t act ugly. Make sure to talk about yourself, don’t be afraid to share your accomplishments, but never belittle an organization, another sorority, or another lady in recruitment. It’s just not classy.

3. Wear Something to Stand out!

I promise, this is not shallow. I am absolutely not telling you to go out and buy a new Lilly Pulitzer dress. Wear something that will set you apart or make you memorable. When I went through Sorority Recruitment one day I wore a hot pink blazer. Hunny, you could spot me a mile away. Little did I know at that time that I was going to be remembered for that. To this day girls tell me that they couldn’t forget me for my pink blazer. You are meeting so many new people, and these sorority women are too. Theoretically we should remember everyone’s names. That can get a little hard when meeting hundreds of women. So, if you have an outfit that stands out, or even a necklace that you wear everyday that could leave a memorable impression.

4. Ask Plenty of Questions

This might be a no brainer. From my experience on the other side of recruitment I know that I am asking all the ladies I meet plenty of questions. I want to be sure to get to know them and show them I am interested in getting to know them. Personally, when I meet a potential new member that asks plenty of questions I automatically see her interest in recruitment. It lets the sororities know you want to know more about them, that you are seeking to find the best match for you! Being engaged in a conversation will certainly be something to be remembered for. Getting the answers to these questions can guide you to finding your perfect match.

5. Be Open Minded

Time and time again women go through recruitment with their heart set on that one sorority. And maybe, in some cases that works out. If at all possible go in as a blank slate and choose based on your recruitment experience. But if you know from the first day that you just have to join a certain one, continue to treat the rest of that ladies in recruitment kind. Continue to be engaged in their conversations, ask questions, and show interest. Just because you don’t want to be their sister, doesn’t mean you can’t be their friend. At the end of the day, the sorority you do join wouldn’t want you known as being rude to others in Greek life.

6. Have FUN

At the end of the day the best thing you can do is have as much fun as possible! If they offer you cookies from the best bakery in town, accept the cookie, you know you want it! Have meaningful conversations that you enjoy. Laugh when you say something silly. Everyone wants to be around people who are fun!

I wish ya’ll the best of luck in recruitment! When its all said and done there are no winners or losers because you are on the search for your home. Your beautiful, your fabulous, and your going to be amazing!

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