Chi Omegas Take it to the Next Level with The Fishtail

Chi Omegas Take it to the Next Level with The Fishtail
Fishtail obsessed…

Looking for a stylish twist on your hairstyle this summer free of blow dryer heat and flat iron split ends? A fishtail braid is the ultimate way to style your hair this summer while putting a twist on the ordinary braided hairstyle. While learning how to fishtail definitely takes time and patience it is completely worth it as you will have your friends lining up. This unique braid may take a few trial runs at first, however it is perfect for class, work, and even going out at night.

Wondering how to fishtail?

  1. First, split your hair into two pieces down the middle.
  2. Let’s start by taking a strand of hair from the left side and pulling it over the top of the left section and under the right section.
  3. Repeat step number 2, but this time do the opposite side…So take a strand of hair from the right and put it over the right section and under the left section.
  4. Keep repeating these steps.
  5. When you have about a half an inch left your done! Put a hair tie in and you did it!

A few helpful hints…

  • Try using hairspray at the end to reduce fly-aways
  • Use a clear plastic hair tie for a more natural look
  • Grab smaller strands of hair for a tight braid and thicker strands for a looser braid.

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