High Top Hysteria, Meet The Funky & Fun Converse

Classic Converse sneakers will always be in… but do you have the latest trend? Studs, bright colors, and patterns are essential on your feet. Different print designs make your sneakers even more unique.

High Top Hysteria, Meet The Funky & Fun Converse
High Top Hysteria

What better way to add a little flair to your sneakers than try something new. Studs are a major trend this season. Looking for something a little less bold? Focus on material — leather, stripes, patterns, or animal prints.

And the way they look aren’t even the best part .. you’ll be happy to know that these high tops can double as casual shoes, or something to throw on with your favorite party-going look. Chi Omegas can be seen wearing them to class with jeans and a sweater, or day longing with a cool graphic tee and shorts. With so many styles and places to find them, you could always follow the lead or kill it in your own way.

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