Into The Wild With Leopard and Cheetah Prints

It’s fun to wear leopard print when you’re doing it the right way. The key to this trend is to never overdo it. Go with one leopard print item and build around it. This style has been around for a while to still seems to be going strong. One of the quickest and easiest ways to add some dash to any simple outfit is to mix in a pair of leopard print shoes. One of my personal favorites is adding it to an all black ensemble (Skirts, dresses, pants).

Into The Wild With Leopard and Cheetah Prints

If you’re working with a cheetah top, black is definitely the root to go – this helps to really bring out the lighter tones in the more traditional leopard prints sold. If you’re trying for a more bold look, try wearing red. This color surprisingly works well with the cheetah print.

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