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18 Things All Sorority Sisters Are Sick Of Hearing

There are plenty of things we all love about being in a sorority. From gaining an instant group of friends, to the fun events we get to attend throughout the year, and the endless love and support we get from our sisters. But being in a sorority does come with a downside: the haters. Whether it’s people that attend your school that chose not to be in greek life, to some friends from back home who look down on your membership as stupid and irrelevant. As the great philosopher Taylor Swift would say, shake it off. Unfortunately it’s easier said than done. I’ve compiled a list of common snide remarks with somewhat sassy and helpful retorts. Hopefully this list helps you shake it off a little easier.

1. “Oh, isn’t that like paying for your friends?”

No, it’s not. We LIKE the girls in our sorority and that’s why we chose it during recruitment.

2. “Haha, fake girl-flirting during rush must have sucked”

Sure, recruitment was long and pretty tiring – but none of it is fake.

3. “Aren’t you sick of hanging out with each other all the time?”

We all love our sorority sisters, but we all hang out with our other friends outside of our sororities.

4. “Did you get hazed?”

No. Ugh.

5. “Why can’t you tell me your initiation secrets?”

Secret. Definition: not known or seen or not meant to be seen by others. Glad we cleared that up.

6. “Isn’t it like, really expensive?”

Dues are dues. Financial aid exists. It’s inappropriate to talk about money with your friends anyways.

7. “No offense, but all sorority girls are so (vapid, superficial, etc…)”

Offense taken.

8. “Aren’t you guys like, a cult?”

What? Come on. No.

9. “Do you guys just party all the time?”

No. There is so much more to joining a sorority than the social scene. This is the my least favorite thing to hear.

10. “You expect me to believe that whole philanthropy thing is legit?”

Of course it is! Each member of National Panhellenic has an official philanthropy that they raise money for nation-wide. (ex: Chi Omega parters with the Make A Wish Foundation and Delta Gamma with Service for Sight)

11. “Oh you’re in a sorority? I, personally, could never be in a sorority.”

Greek life isn’t for everyone, but there is no need to be condescending.

12. “You have to have a certain GPA? That’s a joke…”

Yes there are different GPA requirements for each sorority but sororities tend to have among the highest GPA’s on their campuses for this reason.

13. “So what’s your sorority’s stereotype?”

Didn’t we get past this sort of thing in like, middle school?

14. “What’s up with the weird gang signs?”

Sorority girls are proud and their individual hand signs are just another way to show it by “throwing what they know”.

15. “All sororities do is exclude people”

Sororities do not leave nonmembers out in the cold. If you choose to join a sorority, it is just like any other club and that’s not exclusion, it’s membership. Not being in a sorority does not make you an “outsider”, it just means you’re not in greek life and that’s fine.

16. “Why do you all have so many rules to follow?”

The rules that are defined by each chapter just help to make sure we all are upholding our sororities principles. Simple as that.

17. “Rush is just an excuse for sororities to play favorites”

Recruitment is designed to lead the girls meant to be in each house to said house. If you didn’t get into a house, it wasn’t meant to be.

18. “Being in a sorority is such a waste of time”

You put as much into it as you want to get out of it. It is not a huge time commitment but if you love your sorority as much as I do, you want to be involved as much as possible.

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