Why You NEED Jamberry Nail Wraps

The biggest new nail trend sweeping colleges everywhere is nail wraps. I have seen girls in my own sorority as well as people walking around campus rocking their nail wraps. Jamberry Nails is a company that was started by women who were looking for a more cost effective and stylish way to do their nails without trekking all the way to the salon. They have started a new era of nail art by coming up with what is now called “nail wraps”. For someone like me who loves getting her nails done but can’t find the time to go to the salon, this was the perfect solution. They come in so many different styles and colors, but the three that I chose were apart of the St. Patrick’s Day themed collection. Individually they’re called “Emerald Argyle”, “Shamrockin” (The one with all the glittery shamrocks), and “Over It”(rainbow themed). They are ridiculously cute and so easy to put apply!

Why You NEED Jamberry Nail WrapsTo summarize the instructions present on the back of every Jamberry nail wrap packaging:

You basically start off by pushing back your cuticles and making sure your nails are clean with a nail wipe or rubbing alcohol. Next, you peel off the nail wrap and place it on the nail where it best fits, and warm up the adhesive side of the wrap with a blow-dryer. When the adhesive side has warmed up, you press the wrap onto the nail and firmly press it to seal the wrap around the base of your nail. If there’s excess wrap, Jamberry recommends using scissors and a file to trim the edges.

Removing is just as easy:

Once you’re ready for a new shade of Jamberry, you can remove your current one by breaking the seal of the wrap and placing your nail with the nail wrap still on into nail polish remover for about 20-30 seconds, allowing the nail wrap to slide off without difficulty!

Why You NEED Jamberry Nail Wraps
With midterms in full swing, Jamberry adds a little pop of color and style to your studying.

Jamberry nail wraps perfect for anyone who is on a tight budget at college and can’t afford/trek out to the nail salon when your nails need primping. I cannot wait to order more. Get your own fun and stylish nail wraps!

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