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Mix Up Your Manicure!

Nail art has been sweeping the runways and there is nothing like having your nails freshly painted. However, being the busy college students we are it can be difficult to do anything “fancy” let alone paint your nails. Here are 3 easy ideas that anyone can do to mix-up your usual manicure.

#1. Half-and-Half Manicure

This “nail art” is super simple yet makes a huge statement. The secret to this easy-manicure is painting your entire nail with whichever color is less opaque and therefore will require more coats.

Mix Up Your Manicure!
Great combos: _pale pink and platinum_, _hot pink and coral_, and _dark purple and its sparkly counterpart_ (for a more subtle look)

#2. Fresh French Manicure

There is nothing more classic then a French manicure but there is nothing more fun (or easy!) then this twist on it. The secret to this manicure is to not paint the tip in one stroke but rather tiny strokes to achieve an even edge.

Mix Up Your Manicure!
Fun combos: mint and silver, pail pink and hot pink, and teal and navy.

#3. Heart Accent Nail

The final manicure idea is my go-to look when I paint my nails and I am finally releasing the secret to how I achieve the perfect heart. The secret is trying to make a “V” instead of a heart on your nail. Let the brush do the work for you (Revlon and Essie have perfect sized brushes!) and focus on doing two quick strokes.

Mix Up Your Manicure!
Before you try this on your nails I do recommend practicing it on a piece of paper.
Mix Up Your Manicure!
Cute Combos: Pink and Silver, Teal and Pink, and Peach and Gold.

Whether you want classic, fun, or girly try mixing up your next manicure with one of these ideas! Trust me - everyone will want to know your secret!

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