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Stay Healthy, Shine Bright, Recruit Right!

Now that recruitment is over, one thing we can all look back on as sorority women is just how many of our dear sisters became sick throughout recruitment. With all the chaos and and decoration making its often hard to find time to rest, eat right, work out, and make sure to take care of ones self. Going through recruitment for the first time as an active in my chapter has taught me one thing, how to better take care of myself during recruitment next year! Here are a few tips to make sure that you are healthy and on your A game to help bring the best pledge class to your chapter that you can bring.

Stay Healthy, Shine Bright, Recruit Right!First step to a healthy self during recruitment is to prep your body for it the week before. This includes:

  • Getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep ever night.
  • Eat right! During recruitment you may not have time to eat your proper meals, keep your body well nourished the week before with fruits, vegetables, and other parts of a well balanced meal.
  • VITAMIN C, eat oranges, drink Emergen-C, and take your vitamins to help keep your body ready to fight sickness.
  • Work out, even a small 15-30min run can help rid the body of bad toxins, and it’s a great stress reliever for all that might be stressing you out prerecruitment week.

During Recruitment still remember:

  • To keep eating healthy! As much as junk food hits the spot during this time, make sure to keep getting other good things in your body.
  • Bring hand sanitizer! You are meeting so many girls each day who have met so many other girls, keep the germ passing to a minimum by keeping yourself clean and healthy!
  • Make sure that you can get as much sleep in as possible, whether its at night for bed, or small naps throughout the day, the more energized your body is the more it can fight off sickness.

Recruitment is an important part of making your chapter great, so make sure that you put your personal health as number one, so that you can give your chapter your very best during recruitment!

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