A Letter to my (Unexpected) Twins

Dear Littles,

I remember Bid Day my sophomore year like it was yesterday. It was as if my whole pledge class became Little crazy and left and right people were claiming potential littles. I panicked.

I wasn’t exactly sorority girl of the year and none of the girls I met seemed to click with me. I worried I wouldn’t get one little, and my other friends were talking about taking twins.

Twins! I would think to myself. They’re thinking about two and I won’t even get one.

And then I met you. Both of you.

You were both so independent, just like me. A little quirky, just like me. Very sassy, just like me. Making my Little list was easy now that I felt that I had made two good connections.

And then I got the call.

We think we know the answer - but will you take twins?

“Yeah!” I said without thinking about it.

Fast forward to reveal and we couldn’t have been happier, and even fast forward to today - my senior year upon us - and we’re still all so close. Even now that you both have littles of your own.

So I’ll take this time to say all of the sappy stuff that doesn’t get said too often in our fun-filled family. Know that I love you guys, both of you, even when you do stupid things. Know that I’ll always be on your side, even if I think you’re wrong, I’ll always fight for you. Know that whenever you need me, even when I graduate, I’m only a phone call away. Know that even if I’m halfway across the world, if you need me, I’ll be there as fast as I can.

I’m your big sister, and I always will be.

Love you both forever,


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