A Month Without Letters: A Rho Gamma Story

I will never forget how overwhelmed with joy, pride and happiness I was when I opened my bid card. I was beyond excited for what the next three and a half years would bring me. I couldn’t imagine my college years without my beloved chapter of Chi Omega.

So that was the question I was asked when I decided to become a Rho Gamma for my fourth and final recruitment as a senior this year.


The answer was a little complicated.

As a senior, it’s no secret that I didn’t want to go to the workshops and learn the techniques and chants I had mastered over the past 3 years.

Also, no chapter for a month? Score. More time on Sunday nights for procrastinating homework and painting my nails.

There were downfalls, of course. I couldn’t be seen in public with more than 3 of my sisters at a time. My wardrobe was cut in half when I took out all of my Chi O apparel. I felt a little bit of FOMO seeing snaps and instas of my sisters bonding at events and workshops I was not allowed at.

Slowly my weeks without letters dragged on until the first night of recruitment where I was finally able to meet my group of PNMs that I would essentially be in charge of for a week.

What I didn’t realize, initially, was how little these girls knew about the life I was so solidified in. We were speaking Greek - a totally new language to them - and they had so many questions. The first night, all of my girls sent me outfits and expressed the nerves they had. The same nerves I had 3 years ago.

Throughout the week, I got close to almost every single one of my girls. Some cried to me about getting dropped from their “top house” while others celebrated when they had their “Cinderella moment” and knew where they belonged.

Even when I found out none of my girls would become my sisters, I knew what a big part I played in their journey to becoming strong, independent sorority women. It was such an amazing feeling getting texts saying “you’re the best Rho Gamma I could have asked for” and “thank you for listening to me”. When I watched them run home to their new sisters, there were mixed emotions. They would get bigs and littles and eventually forget about me. But maybe they wouldn’t. Maybe when they’re seniors they’ll remember me and say “I want to give PNMs what my Rho Gamma gave to me - unconditional understanding and endless advice.” We’ll have to wait 4 years to see.

And the best part about being a Rho Gamma?

I got to run home to my sisters, too. Just like I did 3 years ago. It’s almost like re-living my freshman year… almost.

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