Dorm/House Living

So, what's it like living with that many girls? The Pros and Cons of Living in a Sorority House

4 years of college holds infinite number of choices. What do I want for dinner? Who should I take to formal? Should I binge watch this entire Netflix series before my test tomorrow or study? A fairly overlooked choice for many is one that impacts you for an entire year - where should I live next year?

I’ve been eternally #blessed to have been able to live in an awesome dorm my freshman year, had 2 years in my sorority house and am currently living the pre-adult life in my very first apartment.

People have always been obsessed with the fact that I lived in a sorority house. They think it’s similar to the likes of movies they’ve seen or what they see on TV shows. Some think it’s crazy, some think it’s amazing. I’m here to break it down - real talk - with the pros and cons.

Let’s start with the cons:

  1. There are still fairly strict rules - for people who think living in the house is a 24/7 party, that’s the first myth. Every house has a “house mom/house director” who is basically the boss of the house who enforces the rules. There’s no alcohol/drugs allowed in most sorority houses and guests (male or female) usually have to be escorted around by their host sister and cannot be left alone. Boys are never allowed upstairs - only in common areas - except on certain special occasions like formal. Our specific sorority house also has quiet hours which are especially enforced around exam times. No yelling and screaming past a certain time! Having all of these rules sometimes feels like you’re getting babysat or that your college experience is being hindered, but honestly - most girls make it work for their lifestyles.
  2. House chores/clean ups - although our house has someone come to the house twice a week to do the basic upkeep of the house, we still all do our fair share. We do house chores twice a week plus a monthly house clean up where each pledge class cleans a specific area in the house from top to bottom. This is an iffy con, because everyone loves having a clean house, but not everyone likes to clean. As much as we complain about doing chores, it’s better than a dirty house.
  3. Roommates (sometimes) - this one is fairly self explanatory. With so many women (read - sometimes over 100) living in the same house, you will more than likely be required to have 1-3 roommate(s). Although this is great if you love your sisters and never have a bad day, sometimes you need your own space and having a roommate hinders that.


  1. Chef - yes, for the whole world to read and understand - most sorority houses have a chef and yes, it is awesome. Lunch and dinner everyday, endless leftovers and surprise desserts make the stresses of school much easier. Plus, since having a chef comes with living in the house, most girls don’t need a meal plan and their college cost goes significantly down. It’s a 2-for-1 pro! Amazing food for less money.
  2. You’re so close to every event - living in the house significantly increases the amount of times you can snooze your alarm before certain events since you don’t need to factor in travel time. Recruitment events, ritual events, chapter are all right down a flight of steps. Bonus points whenever you forget something like your phone charger, a jacket or chapstick and just have to run back upstairs or down the hall!
  3. You live with all of your best friends - when you downsize like I did into a smaller house/apartment, you lose the blessing of living with your entire sorority. Living in the house enables you to strengthen bonds with your close friends and also make new close friendships with sisters in other pledge classes. There’s always a random group of people watching TV, doing homework or making midnight snacks. No matter the time of day, someone’s door is always open to talk about your day with and someone always wants to do a Dunkin run with you. You’re always surrounded by insanity but it wouldn’t be college without a little crazy, right?

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