Make a “Haute” Statement at the Hockey Rink

You don’t have to be Carrie Underwood to attend a hockey game, although her husband, Mike Fisher, is quite a catch! Looking for a cute, new look to take to the ice rink, but don’t know how to show off your school spirit and stay warm at the same time?

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Haute statement at the hockey rink!

The girls here at Chi Omega love cheering on the Bronco Hockey players by sporting Western Michigan Spirit wear, but staying cozy at the same time. With the new fashion season, show off your brought vibrant colors and patterns at the rinks. There is no need to go purchase new clothing on a student budget, ask your sisters if you can shop around in their closets, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye.

Try to incorporate your school colors with your outfit if you do not own any spirit wear. If you really want to show your Sorority Support wear your letters!

A favorite “Go-To” look that can be worn at the hockey rink or just around campus is a pair of cute boots, leggings, topped with a school sweatshirt and an oversized scarf and fingerless mittens. You can substitute leggings for jeans and the sweatshirt for an oversized sweater.

We love our leggings at Chi Omega no matter the occasion. The Pi Zetas love sporting their leggings from casual black to a knitted sweater pattern. Either style goes great with a pair of boots. If you don’t have a school sweatshirt, slip on a dark cardigan with a “base” color undershirt. Wrap yourself in a neutral color infinity scarf and a pair of fingerless mittens and you’re ready for the stands.

Sara Shook, a newly initiated member of Chi Omega at Western Michigan University, loves to be comfy at the ice rink. “I’m no Miranda Kerr, but I like to wear dark jeans, brown boots and my black Western Michigan University t-shit with a black cardigan or crewneck.”

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