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Make Your Own High-Waisted Jean Shorts!

Why go buy an expensive pair of ripped jean shorts, when you can easily make them yourself! This is the easiest, cheapest “do it yourself” that you will ever do! And once you start, you’ll make all of your jean shorts this way! The first thing to do is either find an old pair of high waist jeans or you can go buy some. I bought a 5-dollar pair from the little thrift shop down our street! You will need box cutters, a pencil, scissors, and some sand paper is optional!

The first step into making the jeans is to draw a line to how short you want them! I cut mine about two inches longer then I wanted them, just because I knew I would be doing a lot of shredding. I also cut mine at an angle because I wanted the sides to be a little shorter!

Make Your Own High-Waisted Jean Shorts!
Step 1

After you’ve drawn and made your cut, take the box knife and start shredding! To do this, pick a spot where you’d like distress and run the blade at an angle back and forth. Pieces of the jean will easily come off and this is where you’ll get the threads. Then you can use your finger and pick apart the jean to allow as much thread gone as you want.

Continue doing this until you’ve gotten to all the places you want distressed. I went a little easy on my pair, because the wash will break up some of those threads as well. Once you’re down with that you can run sand paper over loosened spots for even more of a distress. Last step is to throw them in the wash!!

Make Your Own High-Waisted Jean Shorts!
Before wash

After the wash, your new jean shorts are ready to go! This should take a half hour max, depending on how distressed you want them. When you’re ready to wear them, a cute crop top, blouse, or loose t-shirt is the perfect thing to pair with it! Style on, stylistas!

Make Your Own High-Waisted Jean Shorts!

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