Studying Abroad? Stay Comfortable and Chic Overseas This Fall

Studying abroad is always a dream of most students and if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll actually get to do it. Not only is one of our very own Chi O’s abroad this semester, but she is rocking her signature style while studying fashion design at AIU in London!

Sarah Bergman, a fashion design major and junior here at Western Michigan University, has been waiting this moment since she started her freshmen year three years ago. Now that she has finally landed in the UK, it’s obvious that being abroad has only given her wardrobe more inspiration!

Studying Abroad? Stay Comfortable and Chic Overseas This Fall

Trending in Europe and back here in the States, leather leggings are everywhere we look this fall. Sarah knows how to take this daring and definitely unique trend and pair it with everyday accessories to make her outfit look so effortless. What better way to turn the streets of London into her own personal runway than to incorporate a pair of simple and chic Oxfords? Sarah also accessorized by adding a chunky scarf, Urban Outfitters shades and a Michael Kors bag.

Normally leather is categorized as tough, causing many stylistas to be hesitant to incorporate it into their wardrobe, let alone their outfit of the day, but Sarah captures exactly how you can stray away from that toughness (if you want to). Accessories are the key to completely changing the look of an outfit! If you don’t own Oxfords or don’t prefer them, a pair of cute flats will easily complete your look as well!

Personally, I like the roughness that the leather brings to the outfit and would recommend trying on a pair of combat boots or Chuck Taylor’s with them to take the look to another level, sort of 80’s grunge. The versatility of the leather leggings is endless so I encourage all you stylistas to try them out this fall!

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