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It's Time for Greek Week!

Time to spread Greek Week cheer!!

It’s Time for Greek Week!
Here are some Chi Omega’s getting ready for one of our first events!

Many Greek’s count down the days and hours until this week arrives! Chi Omega DEFINITELY does. Greek week is not only a time to spread greek community and Panhellenic love, but it’s a time to do your sorority proud! And it’s a fabulous week to wear your favorite greek gear. Our week is filled with games, fundraisers, and shows and everyone has such a blast! We pair up with our IFC, MGC, and NPHC chapters to celebrate. Our Chi Omega’s spend all week promoting, living, and breathing our sorority! It’s almost as good as recruitment ( I did say almost..) Here are some fun ways Chi Omega’s have supported their house during greek week. Good luck houses and have fun!!

It’s Time for Greek Week!
Our lip-syncing competition is Chi Omega’s favorite
It’s Time for Greek Week!
Here we are supporting our IFC partners during greek games

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