14 Signs You're the Unofficial Roommate

Whether you like it not, there’s always one person who isn’t on the lease but might as well be. They’re the person you find sipping coffee at your kitchen table in the morning and sleeping on your couch after studying. If you don’t have this friend… you probably are that friend, so here at some tell tale signs you’re the unofficial roommate.

  1. You have a specific area to put your belongings and clothes
  2. You buy more food for their house than for your own
  3. People are surprised when they find out you don’t actually live there
  4. But still ask you if “your house” is hosting a pregame
  5. You are included in the house Groupme
  6. You can’t remember the last time you were treated as a guest
  7. And help guests find the bathroom
  8. You “pay rent” by paying for Ubers and bringing over wine
  9. You wake up on their couch more than in your bed
  10. But they refer to the couch as “your bed” so it’s totally acceptable
  11. You don’t really even ask if you can come over… you just show up
  12. You do chores like loading and emptying the dishwasher
  13. The people that live there aren’t surprised when they come home and you’re there alone
  14. You really just couldn’t live without them

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