23 Things We Should Really Thank Our Mothers For

  1. Thank you for letting me “borrow” your clothes even when you know you’ll never get them back
  2. Thank you for answering my not-so-sober phone calls on Valentine’s Day
  3. Thank you for giving better advice to my friends than I ever could
  4. Thank you for always knowing there must be a photo shoot for every occasion
  5. Thank you for getting me the soft toilet paper every time you come to visit me at school
  6. Thank you for randomly texting me “Love u” at least 3 times a day
  7. Thank you for always coming to snuggle me when I had my nightly night terrors
  8. Thank you for knowing exactly what to do when I have the flu
  9. Thank you for introducing me to sushi
  10. Thank you for not wearing sweater vests
  11. Thank you for not disowning me after I broke my promise saying “I promise, this is my last tattoo”
  12. Thank you for never getting (too) mad when I over draft my bank account
  13. Thank you for dealing with Dad
  14. Thank you for always being one of the first people to comment on a picture I wasn’t too sure about
  15. Thank you for always having ice cream sandwiches in the freezer
  16. Thank you for paying obscene amounts of money for multiple prom dresses
  17. Thank you for painting my toes the color of the rainbow for my Kindergarten Graduation
  18. Thank you for not pressuring me to chose the sorority you were in
  19. Thank you for taking me on shopping sprees until we literally drop
  20. Thank you for loving me when I couldn’t love myself
  21. Thank you for always being able to find the things I misplaced with your “Super-Mom Powers”
  22. Thank you for letting me play with your makeup when I was little
  23. Thank you for being my number 1 role model, best friend, and rock through life

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