13 Tumblr Accounts You Really Should Be Following

Tumblr. Yes that blogging platform that is famous for its fandom posts and hipsters. I happen to be an avid Tumblr user. A.K.A. I’m never logged out. If you have a Tumblr here are 13 accounts you should follow and why.

1. allteensrelate

I know that not everyone in college is a teen. actually the majority of us aren’t. This blog is relate-able. Ugh I know relate-able. They actually have really funny posts, though some are reblogs.

2. lifehacks

This Tumblr is a most def on the list to follow. The post amazing hacks to almost everything. You may have even seen some of them on Pinterest. That’s how cool they are.

3. yikyakapp

Yes, Yik Yak has a Tumblr. Yes it is awesome. They post different yaks from different colleges and universities. I love them.

4. thatsthat24

This guy is amazing and I don’t say that just because I love his vines. He posts relevant stuff on his Tumblr and will almost always acknowledge you if you tag him in something. These are the kind of people I love.

5. Ultrafacts

They have some amazing facts that you may not want to know but will love to know after you read them. Such as, how sand dunes can apparently sing. The emit a low pitched rumble sound and it sounds like singing. This will have you spitting out random facts like Dr. Spencer Reid.

6. humansofnewyork

You’ve probably seen this all over your Facebook wall. It’s the exact same people but in Tumblr form. The stories of these people are incredibly interesting. I love the stories of these people because even if they have had a major adversity in their life they overcame it or found a way around it.

7. diyhoard

They have some amazing projects to do. My favorites are ones that are organizational. There’s also some for clothes and they are really cute in my opinion.

8. Any blog of a TV show

A lot of TV shows have Tumblrs now and will post gifs, news, and behind the scenes pictures of it. I follow a criminal minds blog, a teen wolf blog, and a The Flash blog. Some of these are unofficial but get their stuff from official people.

9. Any clothing company

I follow Southern Tide, Kate Spade, and a few other clothing companies on Tumblr. They show off their clothes in gifs and new photos. It keeps you updated on new trends and clothes from those companies.

10. Your sorority

If your sorority, or another chapter, has a Tumblr, follow them. I follow a few different chapters of Tri Delta on Tumblr and a Tumblr called wonderfulworldoftridelta. It’s really cool to see what you sisters in other chapters do and what their campuses look like.

11. TFM/TSM… and Sorority Stylista!

This is a given. I don’t know a girl in my chapter who doesn’t keep up with Total Sorority Move. They, along with TFM, have Tumblrs where they post their pictures. It’s really neat because they might be old ones or they could be new ones. And obviously, you should be keeping up with Sorority Stylista’s Tumblr. Duh…

12. Huffington Post

Huffington Post is a website that gives you news on whats happening in the world and even has a college section. Their Tumblr posts their newest and popular articles on their blog so you can click the link and go straight to it.

13. Your school!

If your school has a Tumblr, follow it! They could post useful information on there. It doesn’t have to be your schools official Tumblr. It could be someone who goes to your school but their username and blog is mainly about your school.

My school doesn’t have a Tumblr unfortunately but I do follow an Ole Miss Tumblr and a Clemson Tumblr as I am big fans of both of these. Follow my Tumblr at morgancbailey.tumblr.com!

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