Greek Life

It's a Bad Idea To Skip Chapter Meetings. Here's Why.

Chapter meetings. Something we all (sometimes) dread attending. We all have those Sunday night’s where we’d much rather curl up in bed watching Netflix.

On the flip side, however, chapter meetings are good. They let us know when we have our next swap or date party. Sisters who play school sports may let us know about a game or event they are having. You also find out about homecoming and who is going to run for student government.

When you miss chapter meetings, you miss knowing about stuff. Also if you miss a certain amount you start to get fined, which is never a fun thing. Additionally - it is easier on the officers who plan things for us. During chapter meetings, we can be informed of information at one time “Oh, Hey. Our next Date Party is September 5th,” or “We are having Dad’s Day in October.”

Chapter meetings are beneficial to everyone because even though you find out about all the fun stuff you are doing, you can also bring certain things forward when you rewrite your bylaws. Though that does make for a long meeting, everyone contributes.

Basically, if you skip chapter you miss out on a lot of information and people will get annoyed. Like, seriously - so annoyed. So don’t miss meetings!

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