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12 Ways To Know You're A Tri Delta

This upcoming year, I have the privilege of being a Rho Gamma (i.e recruitment guide) for those going through formal recruitment in the spring. Although this is an opportunity I’m thrilled to have, disaffiliation has already been tough. Seriously, what am I going to wear to class every day? It’s also given me an opportunity to reflect on my time as a Tri Delta woman and what that means to me. So, to kick off a semester of being completely unbiased, here’s my one last hoo-rah where I go through exactly what it means (and why I’m absolutely in love with) being a Tri Delta.

1. You raise the most money for your philanthropy nationally than any other sorority, and you don’t let people forget it

You might even be the chapter that raises the most money at your school or submits the most service hours. No matter what, philanthropy and service mean something, and it’s just another way you bond with other Tri Deltas you meet.

12 Ways To Know You’re A Tri Delta

2. And while we’re on the subject, it’s St Jude, not “St Jude’s”

If you call it St Jude’s, you’re wrong, and I hate you (but still give me your address so I can send you a Sincerely Yours letter).

3. Body Image 3D is pretty cool

Maybe it’s a big deal in your chapter, maybe it’s not, but you know that you love being a part of a sorority that is “kind alike to all and thinks more of the girl’s inner self and character than of her personal appearance.” Fat Talk Free Week leaves you feeling more positive and confident than ever, and brings together the whole chapter. Mad props to the Body Image 3D coordinator (I say that with bias, since I am the Body Image 3D coordinator).

4. “Under The Sea” bid day theme was literally made for you

12 Ways To Know You’re A Tri Delta

Dolphins, Poseidon, Tridents - can we do this every year?

5. Initiation starts at 6:33 sharp

Except it never actually starts at 6:33, and it will always secretly bug you.

6. You’re a rockstar if you can do the three triangles with your hands

I don’t mean to brag, but…

7. Since you only have one letter, it’s hard to combine it with other fraternity/sorority letters

You get Delta Tau Delta Delta Delta, Delta Delta Delta Gamma, Trike and that’s really it, so hopefully you’re friends with the Delts, Pikes, and DG’s at your school.

8. But besides that, you really struck gold when it comes to name games

Tri Delta Tuesday, Just Tri it, Welcome to the TRIbe, Delta Tri til I Die, Darling it’s better with just one letter; this stuff writes itself.

9. You’re in the same sorority as Farrah Fawcett and Katie Couric

Sharing letters with some of the most iconic women in history - no complaints here.

10. In 1776 the best country was founded, and in 1888 the best sorority was…

12 Ways To Know You’re A Tri Delta

You just want to make sure everyone knows it. That’s why the [Tri Delta T-shirt Swap Facebook page opens up an order of shirts with this on it like, every other week.

11. You find yourself doing everything in 3’s

Even writing articles. I had to take some examples off so I would end on a multiple of 3.

12 Ways To Know You’re A Tri Delta

12. “Let us steadfastly love one another” is a way of life

Above all, you know this to be true. Never was a bond so strong as one founded on our open motto, and never has a sorority been so completely and uniquely formed. Even if you don’t get along with that one girl who always asks questions during chapter, you would go through hell and back for her. There’s nothing quite like Delta love. DLAM my fellow dolphins.

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