7 Things Only Girls With Freckles Understand

As a fair-skinned female I enjoy the effervescent multi-colored dots that most call freckles. Now, I know that some people HATE their freckles, but what I say to that is, OWN IT. Girl, some other women would kill to have those adorable pops of color on their face, so take what you’ve got and WURK IT. That being said, us freckled girls have an unspoken camaraderie, and in that there are certain things that we only understand.

1. There is no covering them.

Unless you want to cake approximately 67 pounds of makeup on, there’s no use in trying to cover them. These little speckles are going to show themselves if they choose to.

2. There’s No “On and Off Season”.

Obviously when we fair maidens enter the sunlight, we will naturally accumulate more freckles. However, that doesn’t mean that they completely disappear once the snow falls. Fun fact: the sun still shines in the winter, hence freckles will still show up.

3. You Constantly are Checking for Suspicious Ones.

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly checking my freckles to make sure that their still just trucking along. The second that they look different, I’m in the dermatologist’s office. I am not tryna live that skin cancer life, man.

4. There is no “Color Match” when you buy foundation.

“Your foundation is supposed to match the rest of your skin,” is a statement that only applies to 75% of skin tones. Fair ladies pretty much have to look like a ghost or an oompa loompa. THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN. Y U NO MAKE FOUNDATION SHADES FOR THE PALE WOMEN MAKEUP COMPANIES?

5. A Lot of Freckles = A Tan

HA. Do you know how happy this would make me? Sadly the above statement is not true. Even if I had freckles on every inch of my body, it would not look like an all over tan. :(


FRECKLES ARE NOT MOLES. How many times must I explain this? Freckles are small discolored patches of skin, moles are growths on the skin. GET IT RIGHT ALREADY.


There are people in this world who are SO incredibly jealous of our little beauty marks, they’ve even created a pencil that you can use to draw on freckles. EVEN KENDALL JENNER IS DOING IT!

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