29 Reasons Why We Chose Delta Delta Delta

29 Reasons Why We Chose Delta Delta Delta “Tri Delta (Delta Delta Delta) doesn’t want you to join to be like us, Tri Delta wants you to join to be like you.”

Below is a compilation of words written by my sisters on why they chose Tri Delta. My hope is that you can get a small sense of the love and passion the sisters of Tri Delta and the Greek community embodies.

I chose Tri Delta because:

#1. Because right when I took my first step into the foyer, I felt welcomed from all types of girls who had been through various walks of life.

**#2. Because we stand for unselfish leadership, and to me, that is the noblest thing you can do.


#3. Because when talking to my mom, a Tri Delt herself, the night before recruitment, she said to me, “Do what you want honey, I’ll always support you, but if the girls are anything like the girls in my chapter, you’ll be in love.”

#4. Because when I walked in that house, I knew how strong every single one of those women were.

#5. Because Tri Delta is all about growth.

#6. Because during recruitment, I felt that I was just talking to a friend.

#7. Because Tri Delta was the house where I could be myself but also have room to grow into a different person, a better person.

#8. Because we constantly strive to set the bar a little bit higher, now by raising $60 million in 10 years.

#9. Because the week after I joined Tri Delt, we left an event down town and took a cab to Taco Bell.

#10. Because Tri Delt has given me the most supportive system of sisters I could ever be surrounded by.

#11. Because the girls in the house were incredibly down to earth and that I could always expect to be true self in my experience with them.

#12. Because during preference round, we had special ornaments with why we were special to the actives and then we hung them on the pine tree, a symbol of Delta Delta Delta. Embracing the pine tree right then and there was awesome because you already felt this huge connection to the history.

#13. Because I felt warmth that I can’t really describe from every single person I came in contact with and felt an almost overwhelming aura of sisterhood and belonging.

#14. Because when our strength is tested, we always stand united.

#15. Because whether that growth is friendship, leadership, or scholarship, Tri Delta chooses college women with potential, passion and purpose.

#16. Because during preference round, I was sold when a group of women spoke about how Tri Delta had supported them, ending with the phrase “We don’t want you to come here and be us, we want you to come here and be you”.

#17. Because Tri Delta inspires me to be a better person and be a part of something that’s bigger than myself. To be a part of something that matters. To be a part of something that not only redefines what it means to be a friend, but to truly always be there for one another (and steadfastly love one another), and encourages each other in a positive way, even in the darkest of moments.

#18. Because it truly means so much more than just the Delta letters we wear on our shirts and throw up in the air.

#19. Because the most important tradition is that our members are truly kind hearted, driven, smart, and loving women who I am proud to call my sisters.

#20. Because I am amazed every day by the open-mindedness they display, and I am so proud to be able to call every last weird one of them my sister.

#21. The girls I met and talked to liked me for me, not for my sister (a Tri Delt alum), or my other friends who set us up, but me.

#22. Because of our passion for our philanthropy.

#23. Because our purpose does not tell us to be something, but it does encourage us to continuously develop in many different ways.

#24. Because the women in my chapter challenge me to be that better person – to be a better sister, friend, and person.

#25. Because Tri Delt gave me my best friend and our friendship is full of laughter, protection, complete acceptance, total support and utter love that exceeds far beyond the crescent moon and back.

#26. Because the women there had a way of making me feel at home (even when I got my heel caught in the tablecloth, spilled my drink, broke the glass, and fell to the ground during Preference Round).

#27. Because my biological sister was a Tri Delta and although I thought I wanted to pave my own road, sometimes the road that is already paved leads us home.

#28. Because getting my bid from Delta Delta Delta was one of the best days of my life and I’ve never looked back.

and finally, #29.

Because I chose Tri Delta but, equally, she chose me.</blockquote>

_Composed by words from: Casey Sutherland, Jordyn Mancini, Katie Hahn, Arianna Gatzulis, Julie Friedberg, Tricia Hengehold, Molly Dunlop, Danielle Thompson, myself and Chelsea Bruchs (Nu Chapter President)


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