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Important Life Lessons I've Learned From My Sisters

Although my time in TriDelta has been a little under a year, I have learned more from the courageous, beautiful, smart women around me than I ever would have imagined. It took me a while, but I came up with a list of the top 20 life lessons my sisters have taught me.

  1. Not everyone will be your cup of tea. Be open and kind to everyone.
  2. Mind the way you speak to others. No one likes being talked down to or snapped at.
  3. Unless it is going to accomplish something, keep your opinions about other people to yourself.
  4. Respect and listen to other people’s opinions and ideas, even if you don’t agree.
  5. Be courteous and considerate (especially if you’re living a house with 40 other women).
  6. Address any issues you may have with the person involved, not the entire chapter.
  7. Passive aggression gets you no where! Say what you mean!
  8. Have a voice! Voicing your opinion (in a polite manner) can cause positive change.
  9. The way you present yourself is important. Be mindful of what you put on the internet!
  10. Everyone gets frustrated and stressed out (i.e. finals week, recruitment, etc.), be understanding and don’t take things personally!
  11. On the flip side, don’t freak out at people just because you’re freaking out in general.
  12. Respect all of your sisters - the older members have done so much for the chapter and the younger ones are the future of it!
  13. Things will get tense. Try your best to diffuse the tension with some humor and understanding.
  14. Your sisters will hurt you, upset you, annoy you, and everything in between. Forgive them. It’s what family does.
  15. Think about who your decisions will affect before you make them.
  16. It is absolutely 100% ok to cry. Even at stupid stuff (I tend to cry at commercials).
  17. Sarcasm is just that - sarcasm. Don’t be too sensitive.
  18. If you’re hungry, eat. And then eat some more. Real friends don’t judge.
  19. Be yourself. Life is short. Dance like an idiot, sing off-key, talk in a british accent - whatever makes you happy.
  20. A kind little note, text, snapchat, what have you, can turn someone’s entire day around. Never hesitate to tell the ones you love how great they are.

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