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New To Greek Life? 10 Tips Just for New Members

When I was going through my new member period I never got any advice from anyone on how to act as a member of the chapter (mostly because I think they just expected me to act like a normal human being). I was a girl that felt extremely awkward her full first semester of being a part of her greek organization, but now I love every second of my membership because I was able to figure out a few things on my own. So here are some tips for any new members of the greek community that I think will really help you make the best of your new member period and your time in your organization:

  1. Go to the social events! All of the actives would LOVE to get to know you better and so does the rest of the Greek Community!New To Greek Life? 10 Tips Just for New Members
  2. Talk to your pledge class! It might seem awkward and weird at first to talk to complete strangers that you know nothing about, but let me tell you something, those girls will be your bridesmaids! You’re going to want to have as many memories with them as possible, so get the ball rolling from the start!
  3. Hang around the house! There will always be other humans at your house no matter what, so don’t be afraid of coming over! It’s your home too!
  4. Be involved with more than just friendships! It’s great to find “your person” in your chapter and want to love them forever, but don’t forget to get involved in other ways.
  5. Wear your letters, and be proud of your organization! You’re always wearing your letters (on your clothes or on your heart, you decide), so you might as well show everyone on campus how much you love your sisterhood.
  6. Listen to what the active members say! You don’t have to agree or believe what they say (about anything), but they have had experience with this stuff! You can learn anything from anywhere and anyone with the right mindset!
  7. Speak up! While you should definitely listen to the active members, your voice is just as important in the chapter. You are just as much a member as the older girls, and most of the time they will want to hear from you! The different experiences and input that you have to offer will help your organization grow.
  8. Be educated! The background of your chapters creation is actually extremely important to the values and traditions your chapter holds, so make sure you listen and learn as much as you can!New To Greek Life? 10 Tips Just for New Members
  9. Keep an open mind! You are going to feel uncomfortable sometimes as a new member in many different situations with many different people, but those are meant to help you become part of the chapter and not push you away from it. Each organization is filled with girls with different personalities, beliefs, and ideas, but that’s what helps your chapter grow and what helps you grow as a member.
  10. HAVE FUN! Your new member period is meant to be fun and exciting because you have found a home away from home with girls that love you just as you are. Embrace that love and don’t forget to be yourself!

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