Bid Day

The Top 3 Reasons Why Bid Day is the Best Day

It’s recruitment season! That means being twins with all of your sisters and singing your favorite chants to potential new members. What’s better than recruitment? How about Bid Day? Bid day is every sorority woman’s favorite event of the year. You get to dress up in fun outfits, put on face paint and welcome all the lovely new women who have joined you chapter. Bid day is fun for so many reasons and I cannot wait for Bid Day 2014!

1. The Theme

Totally Rad 80’s, groovy 70’s, or flower child. The theme possibilities are truly endless! Finding out what the theme is almost as fun as seeing it executed. You can just picture it in your mind and just imagine how much fun you and the new members will have. Theme holds the day together and shows the new girls what your chapter is like.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Bid Day is the Best Day
Bid Day 2012

2. The Outfits

Snapbacks, fanny packs and tutus galore! That’s what bid day will have in store. Going off of the theme, you can plan your outfit accordingly. If the theme is flower power, you wear a flower crown and high waist shorts, if it’s country bbq, you wear cowboy boots. The fun outfits make the day that much better and you know the pictures will look amazing!

3. The New Girls and Rho Gammas/Chis

What is bid day without new members? This day is all about them. It’s so much fun to cheer and hold signs for girls who are just as excited to join your chapter as you are. The smiles on their faces are so worth the long hours in heels at recruitment. Getting to know all these amazing new women that are now your new sisters is truly the best part of bid day! Bid day is also the day that the rho gammas can proudly wear their letters and return home! It has been a long summer being disaffiliated and they are so happy to finally come back to their bigs, littles and sisters.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Bid Day is the Best Day
Bid Day 2013

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